MYSTERY TOUR ~ 9:30 ‘till early evening ~ SUNDAY 13th August 2017

As many of you may have seen much of Wales, for those of you still available on Sunday, we would like to go on an excursion to see some other nearby castles and historical sites, and also sample some beers and a couple of good pubs!

The proposed schedule is as follows:

9:30am meet up and embark on mystery tour!

9:30-12:30pm Visit up to two locations.

12:30-2pm Pub lunch (we thought this would be a good time for those wanting to leave early to slip away…)

2-4pm – visit one more location

4pm onwards – another pub.

Please let us know if you can join us, using the form provided in the link below.

If you have a car and are willing to drive people, please let us know, along with how many people you can take.