OPEN HOUSE  ~ NOON ‘til LATE ~ SATURDAY 12th August 2017


As we are very far from anyone’s home, James’ parents, Jan & Nigel Brandon, are kindly hosting an open house the day after the wedding at Moynes Court Knovil House, an ‘enchanting 16th century manor house’, where anyone can come and see us.

This will be a chance to catch up with everyone in a more relaxed way. As I know many of you enjoy tabletop, feel free to bring along a game you like! Light refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Open house will be from 12pm onwards. There is no set ending time, so feel free to drop by any time during the day or evening!


The address is Moynes Court Knovil House, Mathern, Chepstow, Monmouthshire NP16 6HZ or it’s coordinates are 51°36′54″N 2°41′42″W if you are having trouble finding it on Google Maps. Lifts from the nearest station may be possible if needed.

Any queries please contact Jan and Nigel Brandon:

Moynes Court