Welcome to our wedding registry! After looking at various options and not finding something suitable that fits our circumstances, we decided to make our own wedding registry. This means we aren’t restricted to physical gifts or gifts from only one vendor, as well as being able to include pricier items that can be ‘group funded’.

How it works:

Instead of buying the item in advance, the icons below will let you transfer money to us via Paypal (using your PayPal account or credit/debit card if you don’t have one) for the various items.

More expensive items have been broken down into multiple smaller payments to enable group funding. This is represented by there being several of certain items ‘in stock’. Once stock has run out, the item has been fully paid for! Smaller items only have one ‘in stock’, which represents the full cost. You can purchase as many or as few of these smaller payments as you wish…or even the whole item!

If you have a skill you would like to use, or you’ve already thought of something and nothing on the list appeals, we would very much like to receive more personal gifts as well!! (We love Viking and Medieval reenactmenty stuff and hand made items)

Lastly an enormous thank you for your generosity…it truly means a lot to us both!